Because of the particular possibilities of vacuum technology and the broad and well-founded expertise of DVA in this area, customised solutions have also been designed for other sectors.

  • For the electronics industry, numerous testing and drying plant have been constructed for high-performance condensers.
  • Large climatic chambers have been created for the automotive industry.
  • Platinising plant for Günther von Hagens Bodyworlds have been developed, constructed and assembled by DVA.
  • etc

Generally, it is frequently the topic of process testing that is the focus for customers of DVA.

Electrical or mechanical components are frequently subject to strict criteria for purity and degree of dryness, which can often be achieved only with the help of vacuum technology.

This means there are frequent applications for DVA, in particular in industries where quality and safety take first priority.

Examples of this are

  • Electronics industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Steel industry
  • Engineering
  • Crude oil industry
  • Nuclear power plant
  • Basic research