Cone dryer, mixer

Cone dryer, mixer

The cone dryer or vertical dryer is suitable particularly because of its easy residue removal. This is of course particularly important in sectors where hygiene and batch purity are required.

Cone dryers can be completed with or without a jacket for heating. The mixing mechanism can be supplied heated or unheated and motors and sealing systems are optimally adapted to each application.

The product chamber is kept free of all possibility of contamination from lubricants because all motors and storage areas are attached to the exterior.

Of course, CIP and SIP systems are also possible.

Materials in contact with the product
For cone dryers, the materials in contact with the product are usually stainless steels. The selection of material is based on the requirements of the customer and can be chosen from simple carbon steel to premium stainless steels such as Hastelloy.

Requirement profile
Depending on intended purpose, the machinery can be provided as a standard chemistry version or also in food-standards (FDA) and/or pharmaceutical-standards (GMP) versions. The ATEX version is selected to meet the prevailing zone ratings.

Construction sizes
We produce cone dryers in all current sizes from 50 l to 15 m³.

Scope of delivery/ Package Unit
To meet customer requirements, the required peripherals of the apparatus, such as vacuum pump stands, solvent condensers, tempering systems or process controllers can be supplied.