Impregnation / Coating

Impregnation / Coating

With impregnation, hollows or surfaces are treated and coated. Porous surfaces are often the most difficult task here and liquids offer the best application possibilities. The complete drying and evacuation of these hollows and porous surfaces is the basic prerequisite for successful impregnation processes.

In the next process step, the impregnation medium is applied to the component with or without pressure and it settles into the hollows and onto the surfaces. Through the prior setting of a vacuum, the impregnation medium is pressed and drawn into the hollows and the surface and the impregnated product is perfectly protected or finished.

If surfaces are finished with powders or granules this is referred to as coating. Here, colours or functional layers are applied under defined conditions during a mixing or drying process.
DVA produces impregnation plant or coating plant for a wide variety of products. Often, this process step is also a part of an overall process in DVA apparatus, where the vacuum plays a significant role.


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