Organics and food industry

Organics and food industry

In the modern food and animal feed industry new paths are always pursued to improve both recyclables and active ingredients as well as taste and consistency.

Organic component parts must be produced in a particularly controlled way in order to manage minutely or counter the natural alteration or growth processes.

Handling temperature-sensitive products, as well as living cell structures, requires a high degree of care and attention.

In the same way as high temperatures kill germs and contribute to sterilisation, in many areas temperature-sensitive substances must not have these cell structures destroyed in the drying process.

A means of drying even at low temperatures, i.e. evaporating water, is by using a vacuum.

In a vacuum of 30mbar water evaporates at less than 30°C. This means in particular bacteria, which usually require a temperature of 36-38°C, are not killed by the necessary evaporation temperature.

Mixing and reacting processes with organic substances require extremely clean, reproducible and gentle process steps yet without disregarding the economic aspects.

Because in particular in the food industry, costs and consistent quality are important values.

DVA GmbH offers numerous processing machinery and apparatus that are used within the production chain. Premium materials, cleaning systems and process checks are prerequisites for sturdy and long-lasting production plant.

DVA develops, produces and assembles to meet the following implementation standards:

ATEX; FDA, GMP,CIP,SIP, AD 2000 or to meet your specific factory requirements

Whether your process is drying, cooling, concentrating or vaporising, crystallising, filtering, homogenising, reacting or washing, with DVA you have found the right contact for your process.

According to our guidelines: “Your process our challenge!“

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