Environmental engineering

Environmental engineering

The responsibility of modern industrial society towards the environment is one of the most important challenges of our time. Preparing, recycling and decontaminating industrial waste and residues is a worldwide obligation to the next generation.

The DVA GmbH plant are an important component part here; they separate out residues from contaminated ground with the help of vacuum-thermal procedures and make the ground suitable for landfill sites.

Urgently required here is the high temperature solution (400 °C) together with a vacuum, to separate out high-boiling hydrocarbons or for example mercury.Even within production streams, the separation and purification of waste is often sensible in order to reintroduce it parts into the production process. All these efforts serve the common goal of protecting worldwide resources, reducing the burden on the environment and ultimately reducing costs.A robust and simple construction is frequently just as important in this market segment as compliance with current provisions and legal frameworks as regards ATEX and TA-Luft.Whether your process is decontaminating, sterilising, drying or washing, with DVA you have found the right contact for your process.According to our guidelines: “Your process our challenge!“

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