Chemistry/ Pharmacy

Chemistry/ Pharmacy

The chemistry and pharmaceutical industry plays a particularly important role in the provision of precursors and end products for consumers.

Not only many basic products which form an unrecognised part in countless end products in daily use, but also end products that are immediately associated with the chemical industry are produced around the globe every day.

In the sophisticated procedures of our customers, different apparatus from DVA are used in the various production and process steps. Often granules are dried, various component parts react under the influence of temperature, pressure or vacuum, or materials are filtered or separated. All of these different procedures can be performed in the (vacuum) bucket dryers, roller dryers or agitator filters from DVA.

DVA offers high standards in the fields of safety (explosion protection), hygiene (CIP and SIP facilities) and quality.

Process safety, reproducibility and the use of high-quality materials are basic prerequisites in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. DVA’s many years of experience are an important building block for the fulfilment of these high requirements in processes and machinery.

DVA offers machinery and apparatus for granules, paste or liquid individual or multi-component systems and thus provides customers with the best possible machinery for their area of application.

DVA develops, produces and assembles to meet the following implementation standards:

ATEX; FDA, GMP,CIP,SIP, AD 2000 or to meet your specific factory requirements

Of course we are also certified to DIN ISO 9001.

Whether your process is drying, cooling, evaporating or vaporising, crystallising, filtering, impregnating, reacting or agglomerating, with DVA you have found the right contact for your process.

According to our guidelines: “Your process our challenge!“

Join the list of well-known companies who successfully curry out their processes with DVA!